Beito Automotive is a global enterprise that covers several distinct brands, all with a reputation for excellence within the industry.


Based in Belgium, Cadaoil is an up and coming innovative brand focused on creating cutting-edge lubrication solutions for a wide variety of automotive industry applications. From road cars to commercial vehicles, motorcycles to classic cars, Cadaoil has developed precise, high-quality products designed to meet specific and unique needs. The goal is to deliver superior lubrication designed to meet every need, from oil that aids economy to precision solutions for high-performance machines. In every case, the product is carefully created through extensive testing to deliver the finest performance possible for that application. This attention to detail ensures that Cadaoil products offer incredible performance for your automotive needs, making it a brand that customers can fully trust.



Fra-Ber designed its products based on an analysis of market demand. The aim is to offer cleaning products for a wide range of sectors: from the automotive to the nautical one, including care of the house or more professional markets such as industrial cleaning.



OXIMO is a company with Polish roots, a leader in the automotive industry, and a leading brand among manufacturers of windshield wipers. Our story began in 2009 when we offered the first solutions to our clients. Thanks to good knowledge of the industry, rich offer, and high standards of customer service, in a few years from a garage company we have become a professionally managed business organization. OXIMO is also a young, ambitious team of professionals, enthusiastic people, automotive experts.



An industry leader since its launch 25 years ago, Midac is a premier supplier of automotive battery technology based in Verona, Italy. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is the only one in the world that produces automotive, motive power and stationary batteries simultaneously under the same roof. Midac sets industry standards, being a pioneer of the ECOPOWER quality and control system initiative for the industry and has long been an industry leader in minimizing environmental impact for production through the use of our products. We use the very latest technology to produce batteries of outstanding quality, constantly adapting to be at the forefront of industry needs.
Midac is one of the first producers of batteries designed with modern stop-start systems in mind, offering powerful performance and unmatched value. The unique Punching Technology System allows faster, more efficient production with no compromise on quality or performance, reshaping the automotive industry today.



A global leader in the production of tires for cars and motorcycles, Pirelli is a company with a solid tradition with a history spanning over one hundred years. Born in 1872 in Milan, a city to which it has always been closely linked, today Pirelli is a multinational company present on the market in more than 160 countries. The production of Pirelli tires is entrusted to 16 branded plants, located in 11 countries, but the real strength is its attention to Research & Development evidenced by the use of more than 1,400 researchers and the ownership of more than 5,000 patents. From 2017 he chose to return to the world of cycling - where he had already been present by binding his name to the companies of Fausto Coppi and other great champions of the past - with PZero Velo tires.



Zeno Battery, one of Italy's leading battery manufacturers, is a leading OEM standard manufacturer of automotive battery solutions for commercial and private vehicles. Focused on quality and value, Zeno operates a fully automated manufacturing process, providing safe, efficient manufacturing that minimizes environmental impact. Developing batteries suitable for every application, Zeno Battery is able to cope with the latest stop-start technology and the needs of modern commercial vehicles alike, providing a range of products covering every automotive need with a cost effective, powerful and reliable solution.



We are a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with an average of 92,000 employees in more than 70 countries. We use advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future.



ITALUB Italian brand to produce synthetic lubricants and since the beginning has been a market leader in the production and sale of oils for air-compressors and non-toxic lubricants destined for the food and pharmaceutical industries. ITALUB offers an integrated product range for the lubrication of hydraulic circuits, bearings, chains, gearboxes, joints and couplings, many of which were developed from specific application requests by clients. ITALUB biolubricants are already a reality, leading the way into the future.



A company from Poland that has delivered several hundred million products to over 90 countries worldwide? Over 25 years ago it seemed unbelievable. This is when our adventure with the automotive industry began. The beginnings were modest, but thanks to the openness of our first customers, we managed to create the K2 brand.

Today, K2 is a brand of nearly 1000 products addressed to automotive enthusiasts and professional users. The offer includes, among others, car cosmetics and fragrances, brake and cooling liquids, fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oils, as well as products for professional use in the workshop, auto-detailing salon, car wash, or car paint shop.



GEV has been on the auto accessories market for 50 years.

With 8000 m2 of warehouses, and more than 1500 items, always available for prompt delivery, GEV guarantees constant and qualified sales support.

It is divided into the following activities:

- Manufacture of ski racks, magnetic ski racks, roof racks and roof boxes.
- Manufacture of rubber mats.
- Marketing of selected articles.



Brescia, 1952 Pietro Arici had a factory for high precision machining, specializing in the production of brake hydraulics for first equipment.
In 1977 the company moved to Piacenza and the name LPR was born, with a new focus towards brake and clutch hydraulics. Thanks to the management and attention of the new president, Luciano Arici, and the level of investment in additional tools and plant, in only a few years LPR has become a world leader for quality and innovation and extended its range to include other products such as brake pads, shoes, discs and drums.



BEITO AUTO is a brand specialized in the sale of the world automotive panorama. It is now a "Stylist" of car accessories attentive to changes and novelties, and is constantly looking for productscustomized and of excellent quality.
BeitoAuto accessories are certified and all have a warranty. The range is wide, ranging from vintage cars, to new models, motorcycles to trucks, etc. We make sure to cover the entire automotive sector.

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