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Who we are?

We are auto industry experts. Beito Auto is a multinational organization committed to innovation in automotive parts and services. With headquarters in Belgium and offices across the world, we offer global supply of exceptional automotive products, ancillaries and services at competitive rates, backed up by a support system second to none.
With vast industry experience and a commitment to quality for over 20 years, Beito Automotive provides the logistical know how and industry insight to deliver our brands to global automotive businesses. With constant research and development, our brands deliver leading performance backed up with superb global support for distributors, retailers and consumers.
We provide a comprehensive range of products, ranging from lubricants, batteries, tyres and accessories to a range of support services for the automotive industry, backed by a seamless delivery and transactional experience that inspires confidence in our product solutions and ensures clients have a logistics system that they can trust, making us a driving force for quality, value and innovation for every automotive need.


To deliver the finest automotive products and services across the world, transforming the automotive industry today.



Through our brands and partners, we are constantly refining the products and services offered to ensure maximum productivity, performance and value. Adapting to a changing market, product development is technology led, extending performance, enhancing usability and increasing value.
As the automotive industry adapts to our changing world, Beito Auto ensures our brands and products are adapting to these changes. Our oils are designed to work with the latest stop-start technology for improved performance and reduced wear of the vehicle.
By taking on the challenges of sustainability in the automotive industry and supporting manufacturers’ efforts to reduce environmental impact, our development teams deliver innovation that will come to redefine the industry itself.
With a number of high-quality brands able to provide exceptional performance at a range of price-points, Beito Auto is able to deliver the right product for customers across the world. Offices across a number of continents along with our extensive logistical expertise ensures consistent supply and support for your business with quality, in-demand products that deliver exceptional performance for end users.
Committed to client satisfaction, we constantly innovate to deliver the cutting-edge products that the rapidly evolving automotive industry needs today. We believe in the importance of creating sustainable processes for long-term growth while minimizing our environmental impact.

Choose us?

For the Future

From reducing environmental impact to meeting the need for affordable transport for all, Beito Auto understands the importance of innovation within the automotive industry. We continue to strive for better value, better performance and increased sustainability for a better future for all.

Worldwide Sales

With headquarters in Belgium and offices in the United Arab Emirates, Beito Auto has the products, infrastructure and technical support for clients across the globe. Our cutting-edge products set new standards for the automotive industry and provide an unmatched blend of value and quality for consumers and industry professionals across a multitude of applications.
From high performance lubrication for vehicles of all kinds to the latest battery technology, we supply proven, effective and enduring products that always deliver at the highest standards. With superb logistics provision and unmatched support, Beito Auto is a brand you can rely on to keep you ahead of your competition.
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