Based in Belgium, Cadaoil is an up and coming innovative brand focused on creating cutting-edge lubrication solutions for a wide variety of automotive industry applications. From road cars to commercial vehicles, motorcycles to classic cars, Cadaoil has developed precise, high-quality products designed to meet specific and unique needs.
The goal is to deliver superior lubrication designed to meet every need, from oil that aids economy to precision solutions for high performance machines. In every case, the product is carefully created through extensive testing to deliver the finest performance possible for that application. This attention to detail ensures that Cadaoil products offer incredible performance for your automotive needs, making it a brand that customers can fully trust.
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Offering industry leading lubricants for over 40 years, Lublan provides a range of high-quality lubricants for multiple uses to the automotive industry as well as industrial applications. Over this time, as technology has advanced rapidly, automotive engines and transmissions have become ever more sophisticated; therefore, to maintain reliability and performance, the lubrication requirements have followed that same path. Through our ongoing and extensive research and development, Lublan is now able to deliver cutting edge lubrication performance for today’s automotive needs.
With fully synthetic along with other options available covering every auto requirement, including the highest performance options designed for modern ultra-efficient engines, Lublan is still leading the way in lubrication innovation.
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The quality of our products and services is not by chance, it is the result of an efficient process of research, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. All of our production processes, from the beginning to the end, are subjected to detailed quality controls that guarantee that none of our products will go to the market without meeting the desired specifications and performance.

We work so that our oils not only meet the requirements of the main manufacturers but also exceed them. For this, we manufacture our products with raw materials of the highest quality.

We are committed to the Quality of our products and to the service given, constantly checking and improving our quality standards.

ITALUB is also a company committed to the environment. We do everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of our activity, products and possible accidents
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