An industry leader since its launch 25 years ago, Midac is a premier supplier of automotive battery technology based in Verona, Italy. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is the only one in the world that produces automotive, motive power and stationary batteries simultaneously under the same roof.
Midac sets industry standards, being a pioneer of the ECOPOWER quality and control system initiative for the industry and has long been an industry leader in minimizing environmental impact for production through the use of our products. We use the very latest technology to produce batteries of outstanding quality, constantly adapting to be at the forefront of industry needs.
Midac is one of the first producers of batteries designed with modern stop-start systems in mind, offering powerful performance and unmatched value. The unique Punching Technology System allows faster, more efficient production with no compromise on quality or performance, reshaping the automotive industry today.
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Zeno Battery

Zeno Battery, one of Italy leading battery manufacturers, is a leading OEM standard manufacturer of automotive battery solutions for commercial and private vehicles.
Focused on quality and value, Zeno operates a fully automated manufacturing process, providing safe, efficient manufacturing that minimizes environmental impact. Developing batteries suitable for every application, Zeno Battery is able to cope with the latest stop-start technology and the needs of modern commercial vehicles alike, providing a range of products covering every automotive need with a cost effective, powerful and reliable solution.
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