A company from Poland that has already delivered hundreds of millions of products to more than 90 countries worldwide? Over 25 years ago, it seemed unbelievable. That was when our adventure with the automotive industry began. The start was modest, but thanks to the opening of our first customers, we managed to create the K2 brand.
Thanks to enthusiasm, passion and perseverance, one of the most important brands of automotive chemicals and cosmetics was created. Enjoyed all over the world.
Today, K2 is a brand of almost 1000 products aimed at automotive enthusiasts and professional users. The offer includes, among others, car cosmetics and fragrances, brake and cooling fluids, fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oils, as well as products for professional use in the workshop, auto detailing salon, car wash or workshop car painting.
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GEV has been on the auto accessories market for 50 years.

With 8000 m2 of warehouses, and more than 1500 items, always available for prompt delivery, GEV guarantees constant and qualified sales support.

It is divided into the following activities:

- Manufacture of ski racks, magnetic ski racks, roof racks and roof boxes.
- Manufacture of rubber mats.
- Marketing of selected articles.
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Fra-Ber designed its products based on an analysis of market demand. The aim is to offer cleaning products for a wide range of sectors: from the automotive to the nautical one, including care of the house or more professional markets such as industrial cleaning.

The first guarantee that Fra-Ber offers its customers is the extension of the entire production cycle, which takes place entirely within the company and every stage focuses on quality, the focal point of each operating and manufacturing phase, starting from the core of the company: an in-house lab that collects information directly from the field and reprocesses it immediately, turning it into formulas. Along with the lab, at Fra-Ber each area has specific equipment required to monitor both incoming and outgoing materials, from production, to the introduction of material into jerry-cans, packaging and the performance of key quality tests to launch top quality products on the market. With this in mind, Fra-Ber intends to constantly improve its advanced production management system, so as to increasingly meet the demands of customers.
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